Experience the Spirit

Experience the spirit excitement and colour as you learn the art of this ancient and eternal dance form that has survived many reincarnations and embellishments to emerge as the beautiful dance of today that we call Belly Dance.

Timeless & Ageless

Timeless and ageless perfectly describes the beauty of the natural movement of Belly Dance.  These attributes allow its broad appeal and suitability for a diverse cross section of body types, fitness levels and ages. The low impact nature with the option of high energy steps and combinations presented in class provides a healthy fitness and energy contrast of flow and dynamics.

Discover the Many Physical Benefits

Discover the many physical benefits that this exotic dance form offers by gaining improved fitness, coordination and vitality. Read on to find out more about the endless benefits for you…

Raks Sharki more commonly known by its western nickname Belly Dance is an overall toning, stretching and mobilising dance form. The beneficial effects on the body, both mental and physical are infinite. There is a myriad of health benefits experienced by students of this art form.

Students regularly tell me of the wonderful effects they’ve personally experienced from Belly Dance often mentioning increased mobility, reduced muscle and joint pain as well as an enhanced general sense of well being and confidence. Also regularly expressed is the feeling of exercising muscles that many women say to me they never knew they had.

Belly Dance is one of the most sensible prenatal and postnatal exercises.  The low impact nature of this natural women’s dance makes it a popular choice for expectant and new mums in helping to maintain or regain toned abdominal and pelvic muscles.

Doctors and health practitioners frequently recommend patients to take up Belly Dance on a regular basis to facilitate gentle healing of mind and body whilst increasing metabolism to improve fitness levels. Ladies attending regular classes at least 3 times per week feel and see immediate results.

A Belly Dance class can burn up to 300 calories in addition to providing an excellent brain exercise for focus, memory, creativity and coordination. The fluidity of many movements incorporated may also benefit osteoporosis, arthritis, back and circulatory problems. Feet and ankles are strengthened and legs are sculpted as these areas become the stabilizing foundation for the hips. Abdominal muscles are exercised due to the natural contracting and releasing actions of the tummy involved in core elements such as belly rolls and undulations. Toned upper arms are inevitable as we continuously frame the dance with simple yet gorgeous arm patterns and positions.