Belly Dance

According to some, the dance form that today many call belly dance is extremely old and traces of it can be found up to 6,000 years ago, in some pagan societies who used to worship a feminine deity, to celebrate women’s fertility as something magic. However, there is little evidence that early pagan rituals are in any way connected to belly dance.

Origins and Developments Of Raqs Shari

Egyptian style raqs sharqi as we know it today, originates from the early 20th century in Egypt. It developed in Cairo in the 1920s in nightclubs such as Badia Masabni’s ‘Opera Casino’. Badia Masabni’s estabilishment was not the only one at the time...

Benefits of Belly Dance: Why Belly Dance?

Experience the spirit excitement and colour as you learn the art of this ancient and eternal dance form that has survived many reincarnations and embellishments to emerge as the beautiful dance of today that we call Belly Dance...

Other notes about Raqs Sharqi

The characteristic costuming for modern sharqi style dancers is sleek lycra two piece costumes (bra and decorated skirt) or dresses. Top designers in this style are Eman Zaki, Sahar Okasha, Raqia Hassan, and Mamdouh...

About Cinzia


Cinzia is an international bellydancer, teacher and choreographer, based in Italy and appreciated for her power and charisma on the stage. Cinzia has studied ballet, jazz and piano for 10 years and in 2004 she fell in love with Oriental Dance and Folklore. Her style is refined and powerful, a blending of Arabic feeling and modernity. She teaches, judges and dances in many foreign countries, such as Spain, South Corea, Taiwan, Ukraine, United States and Egypt and performs regularly in the most important Italian festivals where she has workshops too. She has been teaching literature and foreign languages at the local high school of her city for years and this has given her the chance to refine her teaching method and her empathy towards students from all over the world. Cinzia has been the Italian Champion twice, and she has been the winner of all the most important Italian competitions, winning also the IDO World cup in the folklore section in 2014. Now she trains many famous Italian dancers, helping them with competitions and performances. Cinzia runs her own Academy, the Badia Operà Academy through wich she organizes many events and shows.

Personal Info

  •   +39 339 3934136
  •   Via Ventriglia, 27
  •   81020 CURTI (Caserta) IT

The Madame Badia Opera Academy was founded in 2012 in Caserta, an elegant city in the South of Italy. It takes its name from Badia Masabni, the pioneer of Oriental dance, the libanese dancer who founded the famous Casinò Badia, the temple of Raqs Sharqi, in the first half of 1900 in Cairo.

Cinzia and her team of Teachers run classes every day, from the morning to late evening. The classes are divided into Baby (aged 5 to 13), Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Senior and Professional Levels. The group of dancers has won many competitions in the last 5 years and it generally travels through Italy and abroad in occasion of the most important Bellydance Festivals and meetings. Cinzia organizes many shows in her city, gathering important guests and dancers from all over Europe.